I’m Sam Stewart and a second-year math PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota. Originally from Oregon, I worked in Silicon Valley at several startups before deciding that pure math would give me the broader perspective I needed to solve the hard problems. My current interests lie at the intersection of computation and theory in mathematical fluid dynamics.

My website contains my (somewhat pretentious) musings on math, philosophy, and life. Many of the mathematical posts include interactive demonstrations written in Three.js and JSXGraph.

I also co-host a bi-weekly podcast called “This Mathematical Life” where my fellow graduate student Jorin Schug and I discuss math and life in graduate school.

Personal hobbies include making music (see my SoundCloud page).

Teaching is one of my favorite aspects of graduate school, and I particularly enjoy one-on-one tutoring. Check out my tutoring page for my teaching philosophy and availability.

If you read something of mine that you like, would like to collaborate on a problem or project, or just want to say hi, please feel free to drop me an email.