I co-host a podcast about math with a fellow graduate student Jorin Schug (of Swarthmore fame). Our goal is to show just how funny and approachable math can be.

Episode #1

In this (somewhat pretentious) Numberphile video, a couple of physicists argue that \[ 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + \cdots = -\frac{1}{12}. \] Is this apparently nonsensical statement true? If so, how? We argue about math, British accents, and Katie Perry in this (clearly too long and introspective) humorous rant.

Episode #2

Dr. J and I describe eating habits of math graduate students and I learn some disturbing facts about his relationship with his mother.

Episode #3

The first of two episodes where I interview the notoriously reclusive Dr. Matt Hales, a Grothendieck-type character who has taken up the forestry service despite outstanding work in pure math.

We heckle math culture, lack of social life, and discuss his new fantasy book.

Episode #4